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Acoustic Cardiograph (ACG)

    The ACG (acoustic cardiograph) by Dr. Royal Lee, who started Standard Process Nutritional Products.  The ACG records the sounds of the heart as the blood moves through the various chambers, valves, and vessels.   The “graph signature” reflects the opening and closing of the valves, the contraction and strength of the heart muscle, and the efficiency of the movement of blood.

These undeniably accurate “signature graphs” of the ACG provide us with information showing us:

  • whether your cardiac system as a whole, including your heart, is working at its best

  • if your body’s chemistry is balanced

  • if your body’s nutritional deficiencies are causing stress on your heart

  • what particular nutritional support your body is requiring

Conversely, the electrocardiograph (EKG) records only the surface energetic impulses as it moves through the nerves of the heart tissue.   The EKG primarily indicates if the heart tissue (or nervous tissue network) has undergone any trauma or permanent damage on an electrical basis.   It will not discriminate valvular function, muscle efficiency, etc.   The EKG’s sole purpose is to diagnose disease.  In contrast, the ACG looks at heart function as a window to health and Longevity.

“The heart is the most reflective muscle of balanced nutrition or malnutrition,
something this country has a hard time accepting.”
Dr. Royal Lee, 1939

The ACG effectively produces a picture of heart sounds, enabling the doctor to “hear” by “seeing” heart function on the graph.  You can measure the heart sound as a reflection of balanced body chemistry, nutrition, and overall function of your body’s systems.

In other words, the “graph signature” is a reflection of the heart sounds.   The heart sounds are a reflection of the function of the heart.   Cardiac function is affected by many of our systems, i.e., adrenal, liver & gallbladder, circulatory and renal function, etc.   Cardiac function is overwhelmingly influenced by nutrition, minerals, oils, essential fatty acids (EFAs). Diet is king..

Each system’s dysfunction and nutritional deficiency has a characteristic graph signature.    By making use of the ACG's inordinate accuracy, we can easily detect such dysfunctions and deficiencies thereby helping us make appropriate recommendations and monitor a patient or client’s progress throughout care.

It is important to emphasize that the ACG reflects the efficiency of heart function.  The doctor is now allowed to evaluate the practice member, focusing not on the degree of existing damage (i.e., with the EKG with completely different intent and purpose), but on prevention and supporting the patient or client to achieve optimum health and well being.

The Best Shortcuts Approach acknowledges the healthy utility of this tool for establishing YOUR baseline to extending your Longevity. It is vital to seize every tool, every resource available to increase not only the quantity, as well the quantity of the days and years of your life.

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