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Best Shortcuts Approach With The Best Test Of Your Life

You're invited to take a test, one you might call the best test of opportunity.      If it doesn't prove to be the Best Shortcuts Approach best test of your life, it is routinely proven accurate. Scoring higher on this test, possibly best test of the year, at least, means higher tallies on your lifetime total. This test reveals enough to tell you, and the whole world, for that matter, where you will likely be a year from today in relation to where you exist right now. Take this test and give it your best... that it may become YOUR best test. You're so busy?

What makes this test so bizarre is that, being easy does little to dispel or reduce the fact that there may be at least a 90% probability that you don't pass it!     It's why America produced 'only' an average of 328,571 new millionaires each year from 1992 to 1997... (go ahead, ask the IRS) ...because only an open and hungry adult mind is smart enough to pass a test designed for children to score perfectly on.   Is this incredible?   Dazzles my attention for a minute; what about you?

Your score is actually computed by the number of questions you answer.

Any true, written answer automatically gives you 20 points towards a perfect score. It's very simple. Yet 90 to 93% of the people who read this page are too profoundly stupid to pass a test designed for children to master!! Because they are unwilling to write answers down, they fail... the test, and the test of life. Mediocre people, for the most part. We know plenty of them, don't we?
Seven to ten percent of you will actually write truthful answers and it is guaranteed that wonderful, productive things will be happening for you, this year and month.

A test, a challenge, a shortcut, a contest, is only good when it helps to advance your condition immediately.

With that guideline, MisterShortcut examined or personally took 700 tests to find the ones that produced fast, powerful results. Only a dozen or so appear to have survived 800 generations of people using them, and passing them on. There's a bit more credibility when it can stand the revealing test of time.

The &challenging& news: You've successfully used this test ten thousand or more times... in the past 24 hours alone. 'Bad' because you only use the test for minor events and emergencies; rarely ever for anything between one extreme and the other. The test is perfectly effective, has always produced fast results. Yet, at around age twelve, you decided most of your actions would be affected by other's opinions. That's when your decline began. Thus, the Best Shortcuts Approach exists to reverse the decline and accelerate your success. This page contains YOUR best test, of intellect, of success probability ratio, and more. Suspend your opinions long enough to ingest information and review it critically... WITHOUT THE OPINIONS that prevent you from learning anew and growing anew. Read for the next three minutes openly, absorbing and thinking. This empowers you to respond instead of reacting.

One distinguished example of this is the way we put our best foot forward only the first five times we meet a date... after that, if you're still seeing each other, you no longer take such great care. Once the two of you create a comfort zone, and the proverbial "routine" sets in, you feel no need to be at your best ALL the time. But if company comes, you tidy up yourself and the house, right? In other words, you're more concerned about the opinions of a visitor than those of your significant other or children/siblings, etc ... presumably the most important people in your life.
From childhood to death your every action requires this test. Sadly, some ninety-three of every one hundred people only use the test to succeed at tiny things or critical urgencies. A neutral observer can only wonder if YOU personally are one of the seven who ace the test, or the full ten out of a hundred who either ace it, or do great on it.

From the wisest, or richest, or the best and brightest of dozens and dozens of generations of humanity, the people who lived and live the fast, powerful results of passing such a simple test... they knew they only needed written, truthful answers.

Nearly three of every four new millionaires, (approx. 9,000 pr week) do so through a home-based effort -- service or product-related.
Far less than half have a college education. Degrees have a tendency of encouraging us to think that we need to learn from people who are smarter than ourselves. While every one of us is willing to admit that there are people who are smarter than ourselves, it's never the person we're currently speaking to, is it?
You're no exception. The proof will be had in the next three to seven minutes. You're getting wisdom from millionaires and billionaires. If you recognize that they know better than you do, you just might hush up and begin using their specific techniques... techniques that ROUTINELY produce better results,including the use of this test! WORK your Best Shortcuts Approach, and find the Best Shortcuts Approach working for you!

The Best Shortcuts Approach scores an estimated twenty points per question that you truthfully answer in writing. If you score even one less point than eighty, I guarantee that you're a bore, and NOT very happy. Eighty or more means you already comprehend the value of this test, and are doing more, achieving more, and living more. It is a most infallible test.    Guaranteed.

Here are the questions to the test:

  • What event or attained goal would deliver YOUR deepest fulfillment?
  • What people or organizations or agencies, public or private, will you ask for help this week?
  • What 5 smaller, more manageable pieces are part of this dream?
  • What single step will I definitely take in the next sixty minutes?

    At least up until this point, about 93% of us (almost certainly including you) are, or have been, too profoundly stupid to put written answers on paper now.

    Is your life not perfect proof?

    Some remarkably few percent of you are to be congratulated:
    you're about to have the best year of your life.

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