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The role of water in nature and in our body

As you already know, your body consists of seventy to ninety percent water, depending on your age.    The reason for this is that water in nature functions as a storage and transfer system for information just as the videotape in our VCR.  Videotapes record information in the form of electromagnetic charges which are read by another device that transforms the electrical charges into sound and picture information. It's part of the most sophisticated system ever developed: the human body.

 Water is capable of storing information because the angle between the two hydrogen and one oxygen molecules can vary by 20 degrees.  The distance between the two molecules can vary as well.  So when a certain color is projected on water or a specific musical note is played toward a container of water it will cause distinct and measurable changes in the  physical characteristics of the water.  Those who study homeopathy know that by sequentially secussing (shaking) and diluting various substances in water we impart the energetic fingerprint of the substance to the water.  This energized water is then put into pellet or tincture form and used for energetic stimulation of the natural healing processes of the body.

In nature, we are bombarded by many frequencies, from cosmic radiation to gravitational and magnetic fields.  All natural waves are three-dimensional or vortex shaped.  These natural frequencies permeate our body and the information these frequencies carry become stored in our bodies’ water.  This is essential because water not only stores information, but transfers it throughout the body.  This information is then used to modulate the biological biorhythms of the glands, organs and all the biological systems in the body.

Biosyntony and Nature's Natural Transfer System

Water in nature functions as a storage and transfer system for Information.

 When we get closer to nature we experience well-being because of the high concentration of these natural waves.  In our regular environment, we are exposed to heavy concentrations of manmade waves.  All of these waves, from electromagnetic waves generated by electricity to microwaves, are sine waves.  As we know from physics, when two waveforms interact, they alter each other.  In addition, since our body is a conductor, manmade electromagnetic waves can penetrate the body and further de-reference the information in the body’s water.  When manmade electromagnetic pollution is heavy, the natural waves are altered.  When altered, the waves do not correctly carry the vital information the body needs, thus the body receives misinformation, which adversely affects all of the bodily functions.  These disturbances prevent the body’s glands and organs from communicating with each other and synchronizing their functions properly.  These perturbations are a major factor in the development of illness and aging.

Biosyntony Similar to Acupuncture -- Without Needles!

The Biosyntonic ceramic discs act as tuning forks or resonance devices that amplify natural vortex frequencies that provide the body with the correct information it needs in order function properly. This enables the body to restore optimal functioning to its various systems, organs and glands. It also enhances the natural healing and homeostatic mechanism that allows the body to heal itself and to bring itself to a higher level of well being. The result is a higher level of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Biosyntonic therapy is similar to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in that it opens and restores the energy flow in the body and improves the function of the autonomic nervous system. Unlike acupuncture,  Biosyntony utilizes ceramic discs. No needles, electrical currents, or magnets are used. Needles, being a conductor, will introduce electrical pollution from the environment into the body, unless the environment is effectively protected with BioSyntonic protection devices. Electrical currents cause the de-referencing of the body's systems and actually augment the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution.

Biosyntonic Therapy Opens Energy Pathways

Biosyntonic therapy opens the energy pathway of the body by restoring the referential frequencies the body needs in order to function optimally. Biosyntonic therapy allows the body to heal itself at its own pace rather than being pushed into healing. The results are remarkable because the body has an unlimited healing capacity.


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The jury's still out on Biossyntony. While The Best Shortcuts Approach cannot fairly endorse or embrace biosyntonic relaxation therapy yet, at least NOT as a definitive approach, it does appear that biosyntony and the full range of biosyntonic therapies can be very beneficial, and should be developed further.

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