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Focus counts among the best of ALL your mental tools. The more you teach yourself to sharpen your focus, particularly with repetition, the faster you move towards your goals, it is that elemental, that basic. The yield of your resources goes up almost commensurately with your increase in focus. Wake up to the power of focusing.

The Power of Focus For You Personally

Your life becomes an exciting, adventure
as soon as you simply wake up and say it is so.

>We can only move in one direction:
the direction of our most dominant current thought.

Use science to succeed with shortcuts!!

Use resources you already have at your disposal
to get more results out of those resources!!!

Take more control of your life by aiming your mental flashlight

Focus on what you want, rather than why you can't. The same exact energy you now use to list reasons why you're not at your personal high point -- the same exact energy of thought --- is instantly transferred and transmogrified into resolution focus. Go ahead and prove that you understand this.

Whether it's the moment you marry the sweetheart of your dreams, or the moment you step in front of a camera for your first commercial or starring role, any moment that you're pursuing something with zeal is a moment you'll remember forever.     It is also the moment for which you will be remembered.    

What's the best reason for your masterful development of focus? The most basic reason of all: This IS is your life, and it will end someday. Won't you feel so much better about it if you took the road of personal fulfillment, before it has passed forever, starting a new dream, a new goal, a new determined effort that you can work on... .... ...

this very moment?

Question: When you widen the beam of the flashlight, what happens to the strength of the beam?   Exactly: the beam gets weaker, right?

AND, pray tell, what happens to the strength of the beam when you narrow it down to a small spot?

Right again: the strength of the beam becomes much stronger.

Like it or not, your brain works very much the same way, at least the part that is reponsible for focus. Using this knowledge in the next few minutes is unconditionally guaranteed to provide you with one of the five greatest, most instantly effective tools available to a human being.

Let's make today the most exciting day you've had in awhile. Let's find just one of your many skills to focus upon, for a mere ten to fifteen minutes today, determined to do it better and better each day... starting today!!

You probably won't be surprised to find yourself applying this fantastic shortcut to a number of different interests in your life when you see what happens in a just 10 to 40 hours... ... and you certainly won't be surprised to see how masterful you quickly become in each and every human effort in which you invest ten to fifteen minutes per day of true, genuine, laserlike focus and determination.

And if you ARE surprised, don't you think this is one of the sweetest surprises -- payouts -- that life can offer?

Masters and Millionaires

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If you are going to focus, does it not make sense to focus on what you want?
Too many of us make habits of focusing on what is NOT desired or planned for.
That same exact energy, when places into better focus, tends to yield better results.<
Plus, it is easier to focus on desired results than it generally is on undesired results, hm?
One of the dozen most important words of any life:


Anything that is necessary for a good life is worth learning more of today.

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