Great Shortcuts of Those Who Know Better
because those who do better know better.


Every walk of life has great shortcuts.
Every human endeavor has great shortcuts.

Secrets of Success
The great secrets of success have not effectively changed very much in the past thousand years.
Not even in the past two thousand years, come to think of it.
From Gengis Khan, who was far kinder than most of us may be taught,
to Harry Truman's globally-influential works and accomplishments,
to the best accomplishments of your own life, of those you love,
any and every person who has repeatedly achieved ANYTHING at world-class
is the possessor of great shortcuts, the identical secrets of success used by Shakespeare.

Great Shortcuts For This And Great Shortcuts For That

Yes, friends, there are great shortcuts for this, great shortcuts for that,
great shortcuts for career, great shortcuts for school. and plenty more besides.

The fastest way that any of us can achieve any identified task is to first find several people who have achieved it already.
This brings you about halfway to encountering seriously great shortcuts.
Finding people who have done it repeatedly means you're now at the breech, close to tapping into great shortcuts,
After so many UNsuccessful tries, their successes become easier and easier to duplicate.
You can fairly say that the steps that you get to eliminate by duplicating their pioneering pathways,
these removable steps are what we are defining essentially as great shortcuts.

You already know many creative ways you can approach dozens of world-class achievers in your favorite field.
Creative, inexpensive, simple approaches. When you write a note or email to someone of world-class, not merely famous, advising that you believe they're among the best on earth, and that you want to be very much like them when you grow up and you'd like to know if they can be your mentor for just eight or nine minutes out of a lifetime so you can ask them for their greatest shortcuts, you'll be pleased at how many respond positively.

You have great shortcuts for dating and seduction,
great shortcuts for playing piano,
Great shortcuts for just about everything, hm?
One thing we know with certainty: When you look for great shortcuts,
you're entirely likely to find great shortcuts.

Is that not good reason to look for and make use of such great shortcuts?

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