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Welcome to the Best Shortcuts Approach, from Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts to Success.
At more than two hundred thousand unique web pages on 1,000-plus unique websites, this is
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This is the Best Shortcuts Approach of Winners and High Achievers, Role Models and Leaders
Without a doubt, these shortcuts constitute and comprise
the best self-empowerment site. Since the investment was over three million minutes building these Masters and Millionaires websites for you, it is highly unlikely that someone will soon invest three and a half years of 16 to 20 hours per day, stopping for only eight of a thousand and fifty-five days.

These pages represent opportunity for you, sweet, exciting opportunity, as fast or as easy as you like it.
Investing just one percent of your time, a mere fourteen point four minutes per day, ON ANY TASK YOU LIST will rapidly accelerate your results into world class. It would certainly appear that I have some measure of right to state such a one-conditional guarantee, the one condition, of course, being that you make USE of these shortcuts of champions and winners, rather than merely agreeing on how great these techniques, words, and methods are.   Until you show better, how can you claim to know better?

In plain language, these are the fastest, most powerful shortcuts that the finest minds of man have developed over some fifty-five, perhaps fifty-six generations.     NOTHING WORKS LIKE SUCCESS!!!!

Duplicating a recipe that already works is the single fastest route to attaining anything that is world class. Along the way, you'll add plenty of your own touches. For the immediate steps you take in these next few days, don't change, don't add, don't improvise....

don't be smarter than masters, millionaires, champions, and billionaires.
Use the same shortcuts they use, and use them the say way that consistent winners have.
Doing so will provide you with astonishing, highly accelerated results. shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.

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