Whenever you're encouraging someone to say "Yes";
each time you hear an objection,

agree with it
resolve  it


 and ask

“iS Wednesday good FOR YOU,

or is Thursday better?”



“I will be there Wed and Thur.

Which day is better for you?”

One of the many magical shortcuts to getting to that point?
Using four immutable tools of power simultaneously; in concert with each other.   WOW.:

Identify, isolate, capitalize, and solve. It’s like mixing home recipes… which means it works at least most of the time.

Identify the precise reason they are not saying “yes” to you yet.  Isolate it by making sure it’s the real reason and the only real reason left.  Capitalize with “Oh, THAT’s why you haven’t said yes. Well, let me test your sincerity. Is that really the only reason? Mhm-hm, I see, and if that obstacle had not existed you would already have said ‘yes’?  I see. Well, if we can find a way to remove that obstacle will you then be ready to say “Yes!” to me?”     Finally, solve it by whatever means necessary. Whatever their objection is, you can bet there is indeed a way around it or through it or over and under it, for someone with sufficient reason to try. When it’s vital, it’s funny how hard you try, hm?

This is not a suggestion, it is a direct instruction for success:

Ask more people


Ask people more



This alone will double your income in less than a hundred days.


Should you be that special person, only three in every one hundred who are genius enough to use both of these PowerGems simultarneously will far, FAR more than double your results.

Please do not tell us your opinion of this magical power tool;

Feel free, however,  to SHOW us your opinion of this tool...

Use each power tool 100x, & then tell us what you think.      Is that reasonable?

(Long before you get to use that tool 100x, you won’t NEED to tell us your opinion:

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