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What is a "Shorcut"?     Glad you ask.    It's not misspelled.

SHORCUTS: words and methods sure to bring faster results

Another way to look at Shorcuts, Shortcuts, and PowerGems:

   Words or actions that shorten the time it takes to get there  

Any words/actions that consistently produce faster, better results

We can easily agree that people with 10 or 20 years of excellence know about obstacles to avoid. Most people who claim twenty years' experience usually have more like four years of experience repeated five times over. We refer here to those individuals who demonstrate word-class results repeatedly. These are the truest experts. When world-class performers in a given field, such as ten Olympic champions, ten multimillionaires, ten great teachers, without exception all agree that something specific should be avoided, there's little chance they're wrong, provided they're not economists.

Similarly, when ten Olympic Champions, ten multi-millionaires, AND ten great teachers all issue similar statements of an abiding belief that a big part of their success is because they wrote their dream on paper with a date, listing the obstacles and the people who can help get rid of the obstacles, free of any knowledge that the other twenty-nine have said the same thing, it sounds like a pattern, what we call A Guaranteed Shortcut.     Never been known to fail.  

When a human possesses that level of information, it is tantamount - or nearly so - to knowing in advance what horse is going to win a race. These allegedly guaranteed success shortcuts, offered to you as literaly master secrets of the universe, qualify for the Best Shortcuts Approach for one simple reason: "IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO YOU ARE, THIS SHORTCUT WORKS ABOUT AS RELIABLY AS WE WORK THIS SHORTCUT."

You can focus on the preciously rare exceptions to the rule, or you can focus on being both the cause and the recipient of a Best Shortcuts Approach kind of shortcut.

"Shortcut that works most every time," sure to work, is a shorcut. Thus, the Best Shortcuts Approach adopts and claims some tiny parenthood in the word shorcuts, because they are SHORcuts (at least two meanings to perceive there!).

Understanding the underlying mechanism and feature of cypbernetics is just unneeded. USE of this greatest success shortcut, obviously free of charge, is what's requisite.

That naturally brings us to ask if you're hungry enough to speak less and do more. These shorcuts, treasured powergems of life that counts, cannot be expected to be more reliable than our reliable use of these shorcuts. Make sense? Call it mathematics: Both sides of the equation need to balance out, and one thing Life persistently strives for is balance!

Permit the Best Shortcuts Approach to help you to help yourself: HAND-WRITTEN deadlines on dreams have a nearly mystical power on the subconcious mind of the person who writes it down enough times. Doesn't cost you a dime, a pfennig, a peso or a kumquat: Use it for 21 or 22 days, many times per day, and see how YOUR first 100 uses of this shortcut turns out for you. :)   -

When the number of masters and millionaires who offer this information climbs into the scores, the hundreds, and the thousands, one by one, individually gleaned from interviews and/or breaking bread with these extraordinary role models of success -- we have Power Shortcuts -- sometimes referred to as PowerGems.

No matter who, what, or where you are in life, PowerGems are universally utile: they work. Start now. Suspend your opinion and put this to use today:


Make no mistake about the awesome impact this "shorcut" portends and delivers. Few of the many shorcuts and shortcuts that you encounter in your life can even compare to how profoundly your results change, in as little as a few minutes. Once you learn this, your mind will have little chance indeed of ever going back to its earlier, ignorant position, of not appreciating more, this PowerGem of PowerGems. When you offer two or more choices, you INSTANTLY increase your success rate by fifty to one hundred percent. Just try it and see for yourself, you are not paying the billion-dollar value price it is so easy to establish.

Great information is useless until we repeatedly use it to great advantage. 100% of us understand this, 93% are too profoundly stupid to tap into it, on purpose, in the next few minutes.    Before 100 attempts are complete, you double the number of yeses you receive.

PowerGems tend to work in just minutes!! Time for a better mind-set, hm?
When I'm interested in a lady, I don't ask her if she wants to dine with or date me, or if she's busy this weekend.    That's like deciding to walk a race because you figure you won't win it.

These are yes/no questions, which are to be avoided, do you understand? Don't ask if...
   ask when, ask which, ask what color, what flavor...   ... consistently offering alternative choices, rather than just 'yes' or 'no.'
Keep in mind that yes or no means, at best, a fifty percent chance of getting what you want. Instantly increase your probabilities by offering two or more affirmative choices, choices that you decide upon, rather than allowing to be decided for you.

How easy it is to simply tell someone you would like to take them out for Italian food on Friday night, unless she would consider jumping up and down with joy at the prospect of seeing the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum on Saturday.
Oh, you're busy both days? Excellent, since we have to wait until Sunday for the opening of the new Laserium show at the Hayden Planetarium. Does that sound exciting OR would a quiet dinner at Luigi's Monday night please you more?"

Offer choices! You'll see fast, pleasing results.

Try it now.    No need to accept Best Shortcuts Approach assurances that this is among your greatest SHORcuts. Offering choices yields double or more than double the number of times you hear the word yes. How could we not love the shared cornerstone of buth the Best Health Way Of Life and Best Shortcuts Approach? Say it out loud, if need be: "Proof is bettter than belief!"

Offer people choices when you ask   -    
Quicker, better results.

If you're smart enough to be asking more questions, combine it with this Power Shortcut by asking more and better questions in the next few minutes.  
Who can help you get there?   Call them up in the next 5 minutes, and ask them if they'd like to help you by doing this, or would they feel more comfortable by doing that? This technique is powerful, it's immediate, and it will positively impact the rest of your life.   Ask. Ask. Ask.

Please don't nod your head, tucking this away for future use.

Please try to remember the reality that if you really knew better, you'd be doing better, wouldn't you? Use it immediately, watch what happens. Better and more pleasing results. More fruitful results, which IS one consequence of yielding more out of resources already in hand. This words consistently, guaranteed. The same minute that you put your list of possible 'helpers' on paper, you begin thinking of more people to add to the list. By the time you get a hundred people on your list, you will find that at least a few of them are saying 'YES' to you, others are getting closer to saying yes. If this shorcut alone is not enough to stimulate you to acting on it, put your seat belt on, you're about to get smarter. What can be so exciting about this is that, hidden in the act of asking, right here you have another inarguably life-changing benefit: every time you get a 'NO' from a particular person, you are now mathematically one question closer to having that person say yes.

The inventor who lost more money for more of his financial backers than any other inventor before or since?

That was the same guy who told a NY Times reporter at a news conference that he had not failed ten thousand times, rather, had learned ten thousand ways NOT to invent the electric light bulb, that he simply took ten thousand steps in order to announce at that news conference that he, Thomas Edison, had indeed invented a successful electric light bulb.

Maybe you know more than Thomas Edison, or think you do. In point of fact, Edison also made more money for his backers than a thousand other inventors combined We have no doubt that you may well be a legend in your own mind. Simply examine the paper-thin difference between knowing it, and proving it. That single-ply tissue-thickness is a matter of a few minutes per day.   As with most subjects, talk is cheap. What you do speaks so loudly we really can't hear a word you're saying.

The sole purpose of this document is to pound into your head that you have what amounts to a magic genie between your ears, that you can make huge leaps in a single day or two. Since learning this I've tripled my results in a dozen of my favorite areas, with as little as fifteen minutes per day. Before you know it, the minutes of superfocus add up to hundreds, then thousands of those little 15-minute chunks. Wow. How would you like to read a book or two per day, every day? I've been doing it since my tenth birthday, which was a bit more than ten thousand days ago. For me, it's worth two hours and more per day. It has certainly helped in the pursuit of radio shows, guitar, piano, breaking a hundred sales records for a half-dozen large NY companies... ...and millions of hand-created, completely free web pages... just for you.

I haven't gotten any smarter; I've merely learned more high-powered shortcuts from my role models, reading about and interacting with them; then setting out to duplicate their precise words and efforts, just as Grandma does with a recipe.   My role models are those who do things at world-class levels repeatedly. The most exciting, encouraging fact to emerge from so many years, so many thousands of days of studying and interacting with winners is that every single last one of them, every girl Jill and every man Jack, every single world-class leader has overcome obstacles much bigger than yours. The proof is that they moved past their obstacles while you're still making pipsqueak efforts with your enormous reservoir of resources.

The more times you ask the same person for something, the closer they get to saying what you want to hear more than anything else: "Yes."

When you ask ten people, twenty, and thirty, the probability of you getting whatever it is that you want multiplies with the sweet taste of something called synergy, where one plus one equals more than two.

Synergy is when two equal items added together produce something that's more than double, although that does not make sense to a mathematician.

If you have ever tried to walk more steps along a railroad track than your brother or cousin on the other track, then you know that walking up to twenty and thirty steps along that narrow rail takes many, many tries.

As Zig Ziglar reminded us, what do you think happens when two such people reach out and join hands?       Aha!! The two of you can walk farther and faster without tripping or slipping off the railroad track, because of the magic of synergy, where one plus one equals more than two.

Can you handle another major secret, a superlative shortcut that will actually give you power over other people, and more so when you use it for mutual benefit? Get ready, this one's big.

Very few people can say 'No' after seven requests

It's that simple. Even a primary, baseline experiment, which you can play around with immediately, can give you great self-instructions with respect to the most effective success shortcuts, especially proven shortcuts that IMMEDIATELY demonstrate how effective they are towards YOU getting more people to say "Yes!" to you more times per dozens "asks" then you currently get. As is usually the case, there is no requirement that you sheepishly accept Best Shortcuts Approach assertions regarding the power of this shortcuts.

Simply get it in gear yourself! Why relegate yourself to having to rely upon other sources, even those as great as the Best Shortcuts Approach, when you can teach yourself by doing it yourself?

Do not delay in employing this magnificently effective shortcut. Try it out with people right now! Whoever you have access to will do, in a pinch, and also in most describable circumstances. Persistence really does overcome resistance!

Ask a human being for something specific -- seven or more times -- and their ability to say 'No' diminishes, even as their likelihood of saying 'Yes' increases -- with magnificently repeatable consistency. Consistency is a recipe. A recipe is a plan that can be reliably performed and repeated by most people, certainly including you. You might look up the word 'apposite' in the dictionary. It fits here.

Obviously, asking fifty people significantly increases the likelihood of you obtaining you what you want. The way to guarantee getting what you want is to ask each person repeatedly until they say yes.

  Find new ways to ask.   

You knew this as a three-year old asking, then demanding, then crying for, and finally wheedling your way into that ice cream from the truck. True, or not?   Well, guess what?

It works great for adults, too, even better, in fact, since adults do have communication and 'asking skills' at least a couple of levels past those of a child. Go ahead. Find new and creative ways to ask each person on your asking list more and more and more...
until you hear that sweet word: 'YES!'

Determine what you most want. Resolve to ask at least three different people per day for help in getting it, three per day, thirty-one days in a row. You will be thrilled, perhaps even astonished. Remember, PowerGem means getter there faster, routinely   faster   By consistently focusing on the fact that it's one of the greatest, fastest shortcuts in existence, you will just as consistently produce faster, better results.

As with every PowerGem and Shorcut, your opinion, before you can show high levels of knowledge AND personal experience, is, bluntly, of no interest at all, because it's of no benefit to any of us, least of all the most important person on the planet, until it's been used a hundred times or more. That sentence is DESIGNED to be unwieldy, to highlight how ridiculous and truly useless the great majority of our opinions really are. Everyone has an opinion on approximately everything, and nearly every opinion is wrong. Only when we know it very well, and APPLY IT MANY TIMES is there anything upon which to craft an informed opinion.

The Best Shortcuts Approach invites you to give this concept more time than most, because learning it at deeper levels ensures that this effective shortcuts will serve you many times and in many ways:

Only when we succeed at it are we qualified to teach others. Then and only then is a person qualified to offer a qualified opinion. And if you're in any way uncertain about who's the most important person alive, you'd better run into the bathroom and ask the mirror.    Ask ask ask. -- Of COURSE you'll ask awkwardly or inappropriately or inexactly now and again. That's part of being human. There's nothing wrong with making a mistake, most of the time; it's making the same mistake repeatedly that presents a bigger issue, true enough?

Learn from your errata, fine-tine and refine HOW you ask, and customizing more for each person's individual personality - and perhaps relationship with you. Get better at asking and you rock the house more often. That's coming to you from many mouths of many horses. Best Shortcuts Approach asserts those who do it best prove they know it best. THESE are the people we find most profit in imitating.   Ask, ask, ask, right? :-)

Modified repetition is both the bulwark and bulk of every human skill.

Among great shorcuts, the TAKEBACK Shorcut is among your most profitable.
Start using this shorcut today, and, within weeks, you will be thrilled that you did so.
When you have more time, you have more freedom to do, to earn, to enjoy, and to learn.
Plainly stated, take back one in every ten minutes of your pettiest, most minor conversations.
Only when we actually look at how we spend out time, accounting for how a thousand minutes pass,
do we BEGIN to understand how many hundreds of thousands of minutes we waste over our lifetimes.
The TAKEBACK Shorcut gives you back so many of your most valuable, irreplaceable possessions:
the very seconds and minutes that make up your life... now being micturated on chatty minutes.

Using Shorcuts produces phenomenal results.


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Dive deeply into the world of MisterShortcut's study of masters and millionaires,
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Getting better and better with every day, in most each and every way?
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Here is where the greatest success shortcuts for health and wealth,
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Read between the lines of Shapetalk,
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all designed to help you to empower yourself.
There is no empowerment like self-empowerment.

Every pioneer into mastery develops big shortcuts,
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The commitment to getting at least one percent better?
When it's followed through with action a hundred times...
and another hundred, and even unto a thousand and beyond...
we see mostly inevitable manifestation of the best possible you.
Glean more from your greatest success shortcuts, day after day,
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