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Every day is an opportunity to exercise YOUR knowledge of the Shortcuts Way of Living and Healthier Route Of Living.
Health is more of a choice than a question of circumstance or even genetics, for the most part: YOUR choice.

Excellence in your endeavors towards success are remarkably MORE up to you than to your environment or circumstances.
That's because excellence is a choice, a result of identifying what you want, and how you intend to achieve true mastery, hm?

You can choose to live your life in a state of mediocrity, exemplifying mediocrity by performing with lesser efforts from within.
Conversely, you can choose to wake up every day thoroughly excited about investing at least one percent more into all you have to repeat.

Surely you can assent to the reality that even as modest an improvement as one percent can and does add up tremendously, over time, yes?

Well, today carries YOUR opportunities to establish just how transparently you understand and prove your knowledge of these realities.

Today carries, and, in effect, IS your chance to rise and shine and prove that your life has meaning, purpose, and meritable value.
Whether that value is restricted to your own interests, or extends to those of others, THAT'S a feature of the Shortcuts Way of Living.
What you do speaks so loudly, we need not hear a word you say, since actions inevitably speak louder than our verbal asseverations, hm?

Live a healthier life through your Healthier Route Of Living. Embrace more success with YOUR interpretation of the Shortcuts Way of Living.

Live on purpose, not accidentally.
THAT'S the Shortcuts Way of Living.