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Largest Return On Investment Ever Recorded
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Everybody is looking for today's largest return on investment, tomorrow's biggest return on investment, and, of course, next year's. As with all great and effective wisdom, looking at the so-called " secrets of champions and billionaires," or "shortcuts of masters and millionaires" we find the best and fastest sources of instantly useful information.

When we talk about the word "basic" there is at least one fantastically precise example, one that, used intentionally, becomes one of the three or four greatest, fastest, most powerful shortcuts to success you will encounter from the moment you're born until the identical second you die. Without a doubt, rational minds are impelled by logic to agree that this one PowerGem is the tool of the largest and highest return on investment universally.

First, let's get you tuned into physical fact. The faster we accept a fact, the faster we can put it to use, and utility is the function of more than 99 percent of all human initiatives. Use the physical fact to your instant and tremendous advantage, accelerating your results in at least five to six thousand separate human activities.

Instantly accelerated results! When we engage in the power of the Best Shortcuts Approach we have to remember that masters and millionaires along with champions and billionaires are the actual solar source of all the energy within the Best Shortcuts Approach. When we see enough of them doing something identically we can then invest our energy debunking it or invest our time, energy and other resources into affirming -- oops, let's remember that they have already done it --- reaffirming the effectiveness of the particular shortcut or PowerGem. Either way we end up with whichever is dominant, be it truth or debunking. The difference is, when we use the latter approach, repeating the steps used by a previous baker, the elements that end up yielding great results HAVE ALREADY BEEN INSERTED INTO THE EQUATION!!

Rather than using the self-aggrandizing "I did it my way" and striking out far more than is necessary, we get to use the somewhat more modest "I did it my way using their best tricks and tips, the secrets and shortcuts of masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead.

The one and single most primary currency you possess is breathing. Oxygen is the only element that you cannot survive more than ten minutes without. It does not get more "basic" than that. So from this moment forward, every time you hear the word "basic" or "basically" let it be your HUGELY powerful trigger for this PowerGem that will rock your world forever and permanently impact not only your general health by a factor not yet known to exist on any human scale of measurement.

You are absolutely guaranteed life-changing, life-boosting results, better and more powerful than finding a particularly large, even oversized bag of money in the next ten minutes. As with all the PowerGems, it comes with one of Life's more fantastic one-conditional guarantees, which makes it a prize in itself, a sure-fire candidate for inclusion in the Masters and Millionaires series of effective shortcuts. In this case, the guarantee laid out in terms of what you receive reads like a wish list:

the single strongest known boost to every single one of more than ten thousand separate systems within your body.

More than any other identified substance increases both your intelligence capacity and your intelligence development.

Separate from that is that this success shortcut of masters and millionaires and most assuredly of champions and billionaires also provides a lasting impact of positive results accelerating in both quantity and quality of the solutions you produce for problems or challenges that we each encounter.

If done on a regular basis, these yield tremendous benefits. They increase the body’s supply of oxygen (which is the basic currency for repair and for burning up toxins), step up the removal of waste products and stagnant air from portions of the lungs otherwise unused, and exercise the diaphragm — which serves as a pump for the flow of oxygen and nerve energy.

Deep breathing yields a multitude of benefits with a more expanded use of your lung capacity.

Rapid breathing is an energizing exercise, which promotes flow of energy into the brain, the lungs, the lungs, all digestive organs, all mechanical AND electrically-based mechanisms in the human body, ALL benefit. The eyes, even your hair, all benefit from increased oxygenizing. Extra, really deeeeep breathing is beneficial not only before meals and after meals, as well when you are in instant need of better ideas, stress reduction, or clearing garbage air out of your lungs after an unpleasant or close, tight, or dusty environment.

Alternate-nostril breathing has a dramatically calming effect on the nervous system, considerably more impact in fact than most of the pharmaceutical medications available, and contains none of the dangers or lethal qualities of conventional drugs. You can bank your money on the fact that oxygen is your most effective drug.

Severe anxiety states, inability to fall asleep? Huge impact of breathing here. More than 98 of every 100 headaches that occur in your life are caused by only one thing: LACK OF OXYGEN in the brain. Most often caused by stress-tightened muscles which reduce the flow of blood. The single and only purpose of blood is to carry oxygen and other nutrients to your organs and tissues. Reduce the flow of blood and you reduce the flow of oxygen. Increase the flow of oxygen and the headache eases, and then goes away.

Breath is the manifestation of all our life forces. The most critical of all substances, the one we can live least without, beyond any other. Our return on investment in replacing it, as well as water, is the largest return on investment ever recorded. This fact is unlikely to change.

Einstein described fresh air as a tonic that stimulated most of his best bouts of thought. His now-legendary development of the theory of relativity while lounging on a Princeton hill watching the sun's rays being refracted through holes in the clouds above has impacted mankind in no small number of ways. At the moment of his brilliant insight, what exactly was he doing?     Splayed on a warm, springtime grassy hillside, deeply breathing fresh, clean, rejuvenating ... physically and mentally invigorating ... ... ... oxygen.

In closing, you are reminded that anything that is not likely to change provides us with a large and accurate window into portions of the future. Always have, always will. That's what air, oxygen, and breath are all about. Because air and it's precious oxygen is our most valuable resource, and because it will not change, tapping into the knowledge yielded means instantly fantastic, powerful, healthy and accelerated results.

Invest in your health and life with better breathing methods ten and more times per day, and you will reap a return on investment that will thrill you permanently.

Show you're smart. Shhhhhhhhh.         Those of lesser thought are nodding their heads agreeing with all of this wisdom of people smarter than you and I put together; smart people are already finished nodding their heads and are now ...... ....... breathing ...... ....... deeply.

R.O.I. -- Largest Return on Investment
At the bottom of the proverbial and literal page there is the reminder to stop underestimating yourself.
Because you have lessened your learning curve over the years not so much from laziness, rather,
from the reduced belief in self, or at least the reduced EXPECTATIONS of self, your investment of time,
your investments of energy and effort into others has tended to be larger than your efforts for yourself.

Let's change that, and quickly, because the steps involved are, by themselves, modest, simple, and effective.
Let's increase your return on investment by increasing the investment itself -- investment in YOU.
You can take a few PowerGems at the same time... or just one PowerGem alone.
Using that PowerGem 100x always brings a larger return on your investment.

History has shown that you will in fact, obtain your largest retrurn on investment by ensuring that YOU
are the investment vehicle for expanding both the quality and the quantity of your life and those around you.
The Best Shortcuts Approach is a one million page gift to you.   Go ahead.   Invest in you.

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