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With unique editions of the Best Shortcuts Approach on hundreds of different servers, total millions of unique, interactive EyeCandy empowerment pages, it is factually accurate to validate the claim that "Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts " is the largest publicly accessible website on the planet.

On subjects as diverse as brushing your teeth or hair more efficiently (two brushes for the latter, ennabling synergy to occur), to almost-instantly doubling the number of times you hear the word "Yes!" from other people, Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts has broken, shattered, and|or established world records.

Perhaps because all of the sites are free, and focus less on advertising products and services than they do on the surfer, there is a "cost." The sites carry cute little "FOOD" and "BREAST CANCER" buttons for the surfer to click, stimulating a corporate donation to feed the starving and fund free mammograms in hope of reducing the alarming rate of breast cancer. In the case of the food buttons, corporate sponsors donate 1.1 cups of staple food in return for the surfer's click.

Interviewing mostly by telephone some five thousand masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead, the elusive "MrShortcut," sometimes spelled "MisterShortcut" also broke bread with and interviewed face-to-face with hundreds of role models whom he says, "have demonstrated that they are masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead, with each the wonderful determination that each and every one of them fall into at least two categories.

Sometimes quoting by name, the Masters and Millionaire websites primarily respect a shade of anonymity, when it turns out that it's almost impossible to have huge successes without huge failures preceding them.

It is this uniquely common trait amongst the most accomplished of our generations that Mr-Shortcut insists is a shortcut unto itself. "When we know the near-absolute result of any identified and repeated effort, we have a guaranteed shortcut. That' what cake recipe is. If I follow twelve specific steps as precisely as possible in the same path as he or she who already did it successfully, I am as certain as rain to get the same result they did." The "official" biography of Mr-Shortcut is sketchy, at best. Stating that his "failures have been as spectacular as the successes," the claim is made to have broken or shattered more than a hundred sales records at seven major "NY area companies." Upon further investigation, it turns out that, The corporate chiefs who did not like him agreed that his morale and sales production increases remain unmatched. One company CEO vituperatively railed about how much he disliked Mr-Shortcut, and that his departure created many problems, and that "he's a so-and-so, and a such-and-such." When asked how Mr-Shortcut had fared in the sales management division, the CEO less energetically admitted that he'd "broken every sales record we've ever had." So, who is this mysterious Mr-Shortcut? Being an avid investigator, I found out, and after meeting him, completely agree that his anonymity is a vital part of his success in empowering people to empower themselves. When he explained, for example, that Tony Robbins is a "potently inspirational star" of the lecture circuit, the cult of personality puts "too much focus on the messenger, and not enough on the message." Claiming that most inspirational or motivational speeches designed to get people moving into higher gear are highly effective, for the short term only. Most of the time, the energizing effects wear off within a week or two. "Look, " he says with a disarming grin, "Look at how long you stay peaked when you've really got your nose to the road and your legs are pumping with all their might. Such performance leaves a lasting and permanently energizing effect upon the batteries of your self-determination. Our job as teachers is to encourage people to open that battery compartment just a little bit more often. The results are staggering, often within hours or days, sometimes even minutes.

"I unconditionally guarantee you can and will literally double the number of times you hear someone say "Yes" when you either, repeat, EITHER double the number of times you ask, OR, stop asking IF they will say yes and begin asking them "which one" would they prefer to say "Yes!" to.

It is no more difficult than that.
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Your life is thoroughly and indisputably about to change, rather dramatically.
You do not see shopping carts in all of these thousands of pages, for good reason.
You're entitled to the most useful information in the world, the best shortcuts of all.
the healthiest tips to Longevity used by those who know best by living better longer.
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All of the EyeCandy and Shapelinks, designed to increase your pleasure,
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