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Reaching and Achieving More with Superlative Shortcuts - -from
Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts :
History's most effective shortcuts to success

For well over 400 months now, I've read an average of thirty to fifty books per month. I did not read thousands and thousands of books;   I read a book or two per day for thousands of days.   Do you understand the difference? You have that same magic inside of you, provided you're focusing on something that you are passionate about, something that makes you either whoop, holler, or just feel good all over.

All human excellence devolves down to passion.

One of my passions has been books. What are some of YOUR passions? Whoops; let's start with just one or two. NAME YOUR PASSIONS!!   OUT LOUD!! Let's get the ball rolling today, because your life is not improving by watching someone else earn fifty thousand dollars per day to throw a ball here and there; your personal pleasure does not expand while you watch a moderately amusing human earn a hundred thousand dollars per episode on TV. It is at the moment that you reach, that you reach inside for your passion, that we can quickly get you moving towards what is to you personally... ... the happiest states of life.

A passion pursued on a daily basis is a series of events in your life that will shape who you are, where you end up, and just how fulfilled you will believe yourself to be.

More influentially than all those great books, I've had the extraordinary good fortune to have personally interviewed and/or broken bread with more than five thousand exquisitely accomplished people, from Olympic Champions and thousands of upper corporate and institutional leaders, most of whom went from poverty or other challenges to fantastic success and/or wealth. People like John Leonis, CEO of Litton Industries (the world's largest manufacturer of surface naval warships and so much more); and the dignified Mr. Anton, NYSE Director, or the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve or CEO of Macy's and Zayle's Diamonds, and thousands of other true achievers. Without any doubt there are shortcuts that these inspiring top achievers use on a regular basis. This is how they accomplish more in one year than you do in twenty: they simply shut up and do more of what they already know. Thinking that you have to know more to do more is working the recipe forwards instead of backwards. If that sounds a bit twisted to you, your brain is not analytically trained. Doesn't matter a whit in terms of using the same shortcuts, because they work pretty close to one hundred percent of the time.

One hundred percent means what it sounds like. For example, we know that self-made billionaires have said again and again that they get to be billionaires only by asking more people more times for what they want.     While physical force was the primary method of attainment for thousands of years, eat comes under the banner of asking: they simply did not ask nicely; they asked, and they took anyway. Yet the root remains the same: asking for what we want is the single fastest way to get what we want. THIS fact has not changed in all this time; it's not likely to change just because you choose to entertain a measurably erroneous opinion that it won't work for you.

One hundred percent means that, if you write down the names of no less than one hundred people, organizations and agencies who MIGHT be able to help you out, and you then contact all one hundred, there is a one hundred percent likelihood that you will either have what it is you've asked them for, OR made more identifiable progress towards it   than in your whole life added up together! 

Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts - PowerGems

Dozens and more dozens of self-made millionaires shared this particular gem with me.   It is HUGELY, rapidly effective.
You might want to read This particular section twice, and carefully.   When those who do better at something speak on their subject, we're getting it from the horse's mouth. Everyone else is at the wrong end of the horse... or they, too, would be doing it better, true, or not?

Surely we can agree that you respond the same way as most of us when a younger person comes to you and says, "I really respect and admire you, can you help me with__________________?"
We both know you have plenty of advice, plenty of suggestions, true?   Well, why not ask yourself for a bit of help? That might even spur you to asking other people to help you get what you want, in which case you'll soon have that contract or lesson, job or skis... whatever it is that you keep asking for.

Again and again we all prove each day which end of the horse we're getting information from, hm? Please remember, America now has seven million millionaires. At Who's Who Worldwide, where my job was to interview the leaders of America, I realized that in order to interview every person in the top one percent of each field would mean interviewing more than two and half MILLION people who rank in the top one percent.
After thirty days of interviewing a dozen or more per week, you get better at it, and you can have a dozen different millionaires on the phone in any given day. By the time six and eight and ten months have gone by, and you hear the same comments and shortcuts and techniques and sentences being repeated in so many different conversations and interviews, you begin using them yourself, even as you think, "Yeah, yeah."

All of us learn best right up until we personally find ourselves learning guitar quickly, or piano, and how to interact with men worth hundreds of millions of dollars... and how to get them to say "Yes," and here comes the most important part: successfully encouraging them to say "YES!" more than half the time! Is your brain in next gear yet? Can you imagine you personally being able to get top-level decisions makers, and even low- and mid-level decision makers, to say yes to you again and again and again?
Want to talk about shortcuts? Find a dozen and more people who are top, TOP-drawer 'closers,' men and women who are paid fantastic sums because they are experts in getting people to say yes, and do nothing more than listen to them and record everything they say and do.

  • Between 80 and 90 percent of the time, you will hear them use virtually identical sentences and tones of voice.
  • They ask up to eight times for what they want.

They studiously avoid any disagreement whatsoever. They are asking the prospective or repeat customer to purchase the product or surface only insomuch as they are asking them to believe that the salesperson is presenting a value to the customer first, and to the salesman or saleswoman second. A vital part of this is avoiding conflict. Agreeing, then resolving together.
Prudential Insurance Company, with over a century of enormous success under its belt, has formally studied top closers since 1917. One of their studies of salespeople, achieved in conjunction with Princeton University, determined that in no less than 48% of all sales interviews, the salesperson leaves without ever asking for the sale.
This is particularly and accurately parallel to the scheme of life, where in no less than 48% of your opportunities to get what you want, you don't even ask for what you want, because you think you're smart enough to know in advance that you will hear a negative response.

2) Every time they hear what is called an objection, they do what half of all salespeople never ever do.* When they hear the objection, the first thing they do is agree with the objection. They then use the objection -- are you ready for this?-- as the specific reason why the other person should say yes. It's a fantastic technique, and usually works at least once in the first three or four times you try it out. The phrase I've heard and used myself most often is, "Yes, sir, that's how I feel too, and that's why our solution may have special appeal for you." Then, offer two solutions, and leave him or her with the choice of those two. Don't ask IF she wants, ask her WHICH she'd prefer.

Please, stop being so smart; you're outthinking yourself.

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The concept of reaching for more, as a habit of life, a routine to use for many years to come, is easy.
Like any repeated habit, we have the choice to do it as we did yesterday, or to do it a bit better. True?

Allow the Best Shortcuts Approach to be your personal arena where YOU come to reach for more within yourself.
Universal shortcuts are a vital part of total winning. It has always been so, and will be for the foreseeable future.
Inviting you to invest just one percent more... every time you engage in a task that you have to repeat anyway,
is hardly unreasonable. That one percent, added each time, is going to make you richer than you've dreamed.

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Reaching For More Best Shortcuts Approach

No one can reach for more... accidentally. YOUR choice to decide that reaching for more is very potent.
That's because that decision influences all of the things that you repeat on a routine, ongoing basis.
The attitude of reaching for more is a literal change in foundation, because repetition is altered.

Rather than merely repeating the same steps, in the same way, in pursuit of an identified goal,
everything is done with an eye towards improving by at least one percent with each repeat.
Reaching for more is a choice, and you'll find that reaching for more is an anticipated result.
In as little as a single day of living and functioning within that concept of one-percent improvement,
you get to the taste the fruits of mastery and excellence, even if it's just the beginning of better results.
Since you cannot learn less about anything, the mere fact of knowing more is a form of self-empowering 'reach-up.'
There is no better day than today to incorporate this cornerstone of the Best Shortcuts Approach into your daily efforts.

MisterShortcut is privileged to present you with universal shortcuts for total winning.
When we humans imitate actions and attitudes of those routinely doing it best, we tend to imitate their results.
Shapetalk and Shapetalking to Shapetalks and, all to help you reach YOUR ultimate heights,
all to empower you to self-empower your Best Shortcuts Approach state of living... reaching for more.